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F in chat for Warbucks

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Jimmy60166    1

Can we get a F for warbucks?


whilst I can see peoples points with Warbucks not being very interesting and Wormwood is a very unique character, in my opinion Warbucks should be re added to the game the main complaints filed against him are

1. he's too easy

2. he's not unique in comparison to other characters

Even with these complaints most people I have watched and talked too about him have had just as much fun with the character as all the others in the don't starve cast. with this being the case I simply don't see why his full removal was needed there are  characters who could be considered easy or boring but I doubt removing a character has ever crossed the mind of the fandom or the developers.

In the end Klei's decision is final but I hope my little argument has given some insight into why I believe the trumpet voiced aristocrat should be brought back!  


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