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Black screen after leaving slanty shanty

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1TeeMo    19


my game seems to be really buggy. Since the last update, I have already 2 "ruined" worlds due to a bug. When I leave the slanty shanty my screen just goes black and I can't do anything. I don't know what is triggering this bug tho since this only happened to me after a few days playing, so the first few days worked normally. When I try to Alt + F4 the game and reload the world the screen is still black but I can hear Abigail, so the game doesn't seem to crash completely since sounds are still working. First time I blamed mods, but on my seconds try this happened without mods.

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bizziboi    1,249

That is very strange, no code should have changed related to this.

Could you report a bug from in game? Main Menu>Options>Report Bug. Mention the save slot and the issue and it should upload your save game fr us to look at. 


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