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Force to quite .I can’t continue.


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Unfortunately from the error log you had provided, that particular save file cannot be loaded anymore as it has been corrupted. This may have happened if there was an app running in the background that caused the Don't Starve app to slow down or stop temporarily while the game was saving; or the game was accidentally closed down during the save process which corrupted the file.

Regrettably, we do not have the ability to recover corrupted save files. That being said, it looks like you are running an older version of Don't Starve: Pocket Edition. (Rev 1.00 iOS) We recommend downloading the latest update of Don't Starve: Pocket Edition (Rev 1.35 iOS) from the App Store as the newer version of the game includes optimizations, improved stability, as well as patches/bug fixes for the game.

We cannot guarantee that updating your game version will fix the save file that has been corrupted, however once you update to REV 1.35, you should have a more stable gameplay experience

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