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Custom item recipe configuration option

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Rivecoder    46

As it says in the title, i want to make a config option to completely modify a custom item recipe

However i don't know a way to make it possible

What do i have to add to "configuration_options" in my modinfo.lua and in my recipe section in modmain.lua to make it configurable?

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Ultroman    698

You can't really do this. The only things you can do is:

- Make settings for each ingredient you want to let the player add, so the player can put in how many of each item must go in the recipe. The items with 0 you just don't add to the recipe.

- Make a bunch of different pre-made recipes, give the users one setting with which to choose between the recipes, and then you can write what the recipe is in the setting "hover" for each recipe-option.

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