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I just had my two most BS deaths in DS

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S19TealPenguin    1594

Thankfully I have touchstones so no game over but


Death #1 - Due to the absurdly stupid acceleration of Boats, my boat is badly hurt by crocodogs. I flee to shore but my boat is destroyed within the 1/4 second between me having pulled up to shore and hopping out of the boat.


Death #2 -  Seal spawns on land, I hop into my boat . Seal is still on land, despite being in the water my boat is sucked towards land, then DESPITE LAND BLOCKING MY WAY TO ENTER THE VORTEX MY ROW BOAT TAKES THE 250 DAMAGE *I*, THE PLAYER, SHOULD HAVE TAKEN IF I WERE STILL ON LAND, WHICH I WAS NOT.

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