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Game freezes during game load

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Dear all,

Sadly there is an error preventing me from playing my favourite Klei game. When I try to continue my saved game it freezes. No response from the window, only option is to force quit every time.

I am playing only the DLC Contingency Plan, no mods, running it on Mac via Steam. 

Long hours in the game, it happened during preparing for the last mission, 7 hours left on the timer, found a mission 6 hours away, plane flies whooosh and that was it. 

Could you please support?

Many thanks and kind regards

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Hekateras    363

Weird, log file looks different to what it usually looks like, format-wise.

I found this line:

ARB_ES2_compatibility GL extension not found, graphics problem

Seems the game freezes as soon as it tries to load the mission. No idea if this is what's causing it, but did you change anything in your graphic specs? Are you running the Steam version? Did you try re-downloading, verifying file integrity, etc.?

Also, consider continuing this on the Discord, this place is kind of dead and replies will be slow. ( )

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