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[Graphics] blindness with the nightlight


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blindness with the nightlight

Steps to reproduce

create a nightlight, put a single nightmare fuel into it right before nighttime, stay in the space where your mental health is unaffected, then the following below should be the results.

Describe your issue

I made a nightlight and proceeded to use it, then my game screen went black except for the hud. I could still do things like open chests and crockpots and such, as well as crafting and picking up items, but I couldn't actually see them. My sanity also drained completely. I attached a picture of me holding a torch during nighttime.I tried exiting the game but it wouldn't let me go back into that world, instead it sent me back to the title screen, I tried closing out of the game then re-entering but it did the same thing, so I ended up deleting the world.

http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=129425015 my torch out at nighttime during the blindness glitched, with the mouse hovered on the sanity meter

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