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Spider Queen not emerging and couple other bugs necroed


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What the topic name says - i have a lone spider den next to my base for like 5 seasons already and it doesn't evolve into a Spider Queen, despite me hanging out nearby and killing spiders for days.

Its a RoG game, compatible with Hamlet DLC.

DLC also brought back some previously solved bugs, like dog waves spawning only 1 dog after cave exit and also the lighting glitch with circle of light staying around sinkhole when you exit it.

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About Spider Queen it seems like it was false alarm - weirdly enough one did emerge for me today. Was their time to spawn increased? I seem to remember them always popping up all over the place. Regardless, it seems spider queens are working fine, so I apologise for false alarm. Other things i mentioned are still there - that light circle thats left after returning to surface world after caves and also only 1 dog attacking you when you leave caves and its time for hound wave.

One more thing to report is i am getting some dogs spawning inside boundaries of the ocean each hound wave. I am pretty sure that shouldn't be so.

And one more - something's wrong with worlds transition and time. I was like 2 days into winter when i gone spelunking into caves for a while with a lot of supplies, reached ruins and stayed there for at least 3-4 days. But when i got out, suddenly it was 8th day of autumn. Also the game froze when tried to do an autosave shortly after.

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