Does klei plan to make the “Contenders Promo Chest” into DLC? 
I waited for days and it wasn't made into a new DLC. So I want to buy it as soon as possible on Steam shop and have it added to my DLC list.  Because, during the Forge event in 2017, klei began to launch the skins designed and sold by themselves, which were not made into DLC, at that time, that is could not be given away through steam. In the spring of 2018, klei launched the “All Verdant Spring Chest”/”Beating Heart Chest” and made it into DLC, which can be given away through steam and can also be added to the DLC list. The new skin has always been like this, I love it.
 During the Forge event in 2018, klei made the old Forge skin into DLC together with the new Forge. In order to add them to my DLC list, I repurchased them through steam.
Because of the delay of DLC release, I bought these skin chest from the game in advance. After the release of DLC, I hope to add them to my DLC list, so I bought these skin chest again on Steam.  Because the DLC was always delayed to Steam for every event or event, I paid double for it just to add more DLC collections, which some people might not understand.  I broke down the excess skin and got a lot of spools, and now that I've accumulated 59,035 spools, I wonder what I'm going to do with them?
Of course, during the event “Year of Pig King”, I'm not in the game to buy “Contenders Promo Chest”, because I want to wait for it on to the direct purchase of DLC after Steam. Even though I have a lot of spools, I don't weave them.     Can Klei get it on the shelves as soon as possible? Thanks.