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Mining an "Unimportant Pillar" will open sealed passageways in other underground areas

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Weebaaa    38

So. I've learned that mining the Unimportant Pillars will cause Mysterious cracks to reveal themselves. This is fine.

However, one of my poison forest ruins (There are two in my current file) did not have any of these pillars to mine. I'm not sure is this is always the case with this Ruin or not. I am still figuring out Hamlet.


Regardless, I was in the "Cave Cleft" that connects to the Roc Nest, on a whim I mines one of the pillars there and heard the "mystery revealed" noise, but no areas opened up in that map. Upon returning to the Poison forest ruins, I found the mysterious cracks had all been revealed there.


Not sure is this is intentional or not!



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