Guide to removing/adding Caves to exising Player hosted Worlds

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Daniel86268    270

After poking around in removing a caves world from a client hosted server, I've decided to make a Guide, in case other people want to look into the same matter. Assuming, that's why you clicked here, good luck, and have fun :D.


Small description why it doesn't work the way one thinks in the beginning
Essentially the world data itself is not saved in the cluster_1..5, and instead in client_save/session/<crazy number>.
That means, messing around with the files inside the cluster_1..5 folders doesn't really change things.

IMO the easiest approach

1. Do a backup of your entire DST save folder. Things can always go south.

2. Create a second cluster in your client with the same settings as your old one, with the only exception, that it doesn't have caves. Not sure if really necessary, but better safe than sorry in the long run. Launch it once and then exit.

3. Open the DST_save_folder\client_save\saveindex with a appropriate text editor, and find and copy the session_id of your world you wanna keep. It should look somewhat like this:


4. Find the cluster you created in step 2. Replace that ID with the one you copied earlier.

That should be it.

(OFC there should be other approaches, such as renaming the folders with the appropriate IDs, etc. Feel free to experiment if you are interested, I haven't tested it though, so no guarantees there. (Backups!!!))


So what happened now?
We linked both clusters to the one world you want to play on. Means your client uses on both servers the same world files. Changes you do on one file are also applied to the second one and vice versa.
At this point you have the following choices:

1. Leave it as it is, and play on your caveless server world whenever you want to play caveless, with the option to login to the other to have a world with caves once again if you want to access cave resources (for example).

2. Delete the Cluster that has caves included. For this you probably have to copy your world files
(DST_save_folder/client_save/session/<crazy number>)
to a different location, since deleting the cluster will delete this folder as well, then delete the cluster and copy the world file back afterwards.


Technicially this should also allow players to ADD caves to an existing world, just by creating a cluster with a caves world, and copying the ID of the caveless world there. It seems that is disallows any cave entrances though, so not sure how to fix that, but I guess someone will find a solution xD.


Have fun :D

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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Daniel86268    270
7 hours ago, Terra M Welch said:

I guess if you added caves to a world you can spawn in sinkholes.

I thought so too, but it seems like the 10 sinkholes already exist, but are just invisible/unaccessible (you can even teleport to them), and all new ones you spawn become invisible as well. It's probably a setting somewhere that determines if the sinkholes are accessible or not.

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