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Scrolling Through Crafting Tabs Doesn't Work


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Category:  gameplay.

Platform:  Mac.

Version number:  Rev. 303804

Issue Title:  Can't scroll through crafting tabs with scroll wheel.

Steps to reproduce:  Load up a game, click on a crafting tab, try to scroll up/down using a mouse wheel or the trackpad's continuous scrolling feature.

Description:  I like to use the mouse's scroll wheel, and sometimes the trackpad's two-finger scroll feature, to look through the craftable items within a crafting tab.  As of today's update, this no longer works, and I apparently have to manually click the up/down buttons repeatedly with my mouse pointer to see crafting options that aren't immediately visible.  It's super slow as an interface, and honestly it's kind-of driving me crazy. 

I'm *so* hoping this is a bug (that will therefore presumably be fixed at some point) rather than a new "feature."

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