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force quit - save bug

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Miktoas    12


since im playing i never encountered the dragonfly and i was thinking that its will spawn in the desert (similar to DST). but the dragonfly spawned on me and burned my base, so i force quit the game, so it didnt save. i reloaded my save and there wassomething wrong.

before i tell you what was, wrong, you need to know this: it was the night of day 137, full moon. i exit the caves to get the glommer flower. earlier in cave i farmed bunny furr and their meat and carrots, and boards etc, because i wanted to build a bunny farm. so leaving the caves, i run to glommer, take it and hear something strange. i thought it was hounds first, but yeah it was the dragonfly. it became the day of day 138 (means night wa over) and dragonfly spawned at my base and burned everything.

so i force quit te game before it saves it. i re-enter the game and it is the day of day 137 now (not full moon yet, because its daylight).so in other words, it was BEFORE i entered the caves. i was next to the cave entrance and checked my chester and my inventory. and there were bunny furr, carrots, meat and wood boards

so... despite of me being on the beginning of day 137, BEFORE i entered the caves, my farms from the caves were saved. something is not right here, is it?

edit: and the dragonfly didnt come now either, after re-entering the world.

edit 2: my steam synchro for dont starve is turned off btw

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