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[Nintendo Switch Version] Game freeze/crash when approaching Beefalo

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kiwikenobi    451

This is still happening in the Switch version of Don't Starve. I was playing a new RoG game today, on day 70-something, the second spring of the game. I started to walk down a path into the prairie to go find beefalo, and the game froze. Had to quit to Switch menu and restart the whole game and lost all progress since the last autosave. I reported this last year. I hope it can be addressed in a future update for the Switch version of the game. That and the dawn/dusk music looping endlessly in Shipwrecked, which I've reported in the Shipwrecked bug tracker and posted about on the forum as well.

Is there any way to know if these glitches are being addressed by Klei? The music thing is just mildly annoying, but the whole game crashing and making you lose progress when approaching beefalo sometimes (but not every time) is kind of a big problem.



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