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Game crash in savanna near beefalo

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Version Number

rev 302970

Issue title

 Game crashes when I enter the savanna where beefalo are

Steps to reproduce

enter the savanna and seconds later the game will crash. I have been able to walk by beefalo while this bug has been occurring however, so I'm not sure what exactly is the issue

Describe your issue

 First time it happened was immediately after entering the savanna. I reloaded, and tried to do what I had been before (collecting items then reentering the savanna) and was able to walk further in and see the beefalo and walk right next to them. Crashed again. I reload and try changing what I'm doing, wander around the grass lands, but I have to walk through the savanna to go where I need to go, immediate crash upon entering the savanna

dontstarve bug.jpg

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Kimoshnikov    0

Hello, I am still getting this error? Did the aforementioned patch already come out?  I made a post elsewhere but it's still happening to me.

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bizziboi    1,249

Yes, this fix came out. Could you attach a log file from when you have this crash?


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