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Crockpot in "cooking state" is able to hold 4 more items.

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Hello, I want to adress the following:

While standing near an Icebox and 2 crockpots you'll naturally open the Icebox inventory and then the first crockpot to shift + click the items faster from the Icebox to the crockpot. When you fill the first crockpot and press cook it'll start cooking and then you'll want to open the second crockpot and repeat the process (while the first is still cooking), however, even if the second crockpot's inventory is opened, if you shift + click items they will dissapear from your inventory and won't appear on the second crockpot's.

I thought they dissapeared for good but turns out they were on the first crockpot inventory, I realized when I removed the meatballs and reopened it again. this happened after QoL update.

Thank you.

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Miktoas    12

that sounds like the bug i reported. unfortunately it is even worse than you think. :( doesnt even matter what and where youshift-click (could be miles away from a crockpot, could be in a chest), as long as you cooked something and the meal is still on the crockpot, or as long as you have still items that were bugged into the crockpot when cooking and you didnt remove them yet, everything you shift-click, will be tried to put into tha crockpot. read the linked first post to see what i mean with it and test it out.

shift click bug

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