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[Gameplay] Can't pick **** up. Literally.

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Soulnommer    10

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Can't pick **** up. Literally.

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I was trying to pick up a little pile of manure, but only had the option of examining it.

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.. Kay, yeah. Not really sure how much more detailed can this get but-
Everything in the game is fine. Aces. Perfect. But the problem is that when I see the brown little pile of interest, it first says "Investigate suspicious....." - whatever. And after that, I only have the option of examining it. "Examine Animal Track". Nothing more.

And even though I'll never get bored of hearing the rabbits' pre-deathly shriek, you guys, I wanna farm. Murder only gets us so far... :crushed:

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WRobN    10

it's not poop, it is the track that the koalaphant leaves.

indeed, this is the track that will lead you to the koalaphant, hunt it down


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Wade    321

Yup, Manure is a completely different item.Feed some Pig Men some berries or petals, or look around Beefalo. :)

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