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[Nintendo Switch version] Loading time and sound problems with caves

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kiwikenobi    81

While playing the Nintendo Switch version of Don't Starve, I went into a cave in RoG. Just broke open the plugged sinkhole with a pickax and went in. First of all, just "carving out" the cave took almost ten minutes. The Switch went dim from lack of input on the controller, it took so long. Then I started exploring the cave, and I came across a sunny spot, but within this sunny spot was the sound of flies buzzing that is normally around manure. But there was no manure. No guano, either. Not even grass or trees growing in the sunny spot. There was nothing there at all, but the sound of buzzing flies was LOUD. Kind of spooky. I assume it's a glitch or bug, so here is my report.


There was a lot of guano in a different part of the cave, very far away from that spot, with the sound of many flies sounding exactly the same as the empty spot. Makes me wonder if somehow the sound effects attached to those pieces of guano was somehow displaced to another part of the cave.

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