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shift + click on item bug


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there is a new strange bug in the QoL  update. when something is cooking in the crockpot or a cooked meal is still on th crockpot (that means a not-picked-up meal that finished cooking and is visible on the crockpot) and wherever i do shift+click (thats the quick combination to move items from backpack to inventory, or from XYZ to chest, from ice box to whatever... you know what i mean, shift+click is for moving stuff from A to B) and if the item i did sift+click on it is an item that can normally be placed into a crockpot slot, that item disappears and is transferred to the currently cooking or having a cooked meal on it crockpot.

plus if you take the already cooked meal from the crockpot, but you bugged items into that crockpot earlier when it was still cooking/when the meal was still unpicked on the crockpot, even if the meal is picked then, the shift+click bug still occurs, because you still have bugged-in items in one of the 4 slots of crockpot (or in all slots, or 2 or 3, doesnt matter) from earlier, when the bug occured when it was still cooking/had a cooked meal on it. unless you also pick up the bugged-in items form the slots, too, this bug will still be present with all items that can be placed in crockpots, when you shift+click.

so basically... whenever you cook something on crockpot, you cant  use shift+click anymore with items that are placeable into crockpots. and that isnt limited by distance. the crockpot that has an already cooked meal on it can be at the end of the map, and you are on the opposite end, your items that usually can be placed in a crockpot slot, will transferred into that crockpot when you shift-click them. and when all 4 slots are full and you shift click them, nothing happens.

so basically the game acts like as if you had a crockpot open to place stuff into the 4 slots. when the 4 are full, you cant place any more stuff but also nothing will happen to your items (no moving to chests etc) because it thinks: lets move it into crockpot, but its full, so.. nope you cant move it into crockpot.

1. build a crockpot,

2. cook something.

3. shift+click on an item, wherever and whatever you want (must be an item that is  placeable into crockpots) while crockpot  is cooking or while an unpicked meal is resting on the crockpot.

4. the item will be transferred into the crockpot

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