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CossonWool    70

A while ago I remember hearing that some client only mods like minimap hud can put more strain on servers. Is this true? If it's true, what causes the server to take a performance toll for client only mods (excluding obvious things like spamming actions)? When I looked into minimap hud I didn't find specifically what caused a performance loss. Is there something I could set up to get the game to print everything that is sent/received from the server from a specific mod? Even if it's encoded, it'd still be good for testing. This isn't about minimap hud specifically, it's just the best example of a client only mod affecting the server I can think of.

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IronHunter    306

I might be wrong about this, but I believe the issue is if the host is using the minimap hud and not neccessarily the server. Any performance hits for the host which is also hosting the server will in turn negatively impact the server.

The minimap hud keeps the map essentially open at all times for the host, which means more stuff needs to be rendered. This issue I think only gets worse as more stuff is visible on the minimap.

Again I am not 100% sure about this.

Client side mods when hosted by the host will effect server performance only because they affect the hosts performance. This issue can be rectified if the host can handle frame drops more effectively.


The only reason clients should be lagging and its not a server issue or network lag: Is if they too can't render as much, however clients lagging should have negible to no real impact on server performance. They'll likely just tp around or disconnect if it gets really bad.

There are a sizable number of mods that are designed to disable things like overlays, snow, rain etc graphical effects that cause performance drops for those that need it.

Most people don't actually host dedicated servers. So I can imagine this is a common issue

Also: Found a discussion relating to this mod

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