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Greetings, KLEI intertaiment!
Me and my friend recently talked about Hamlet and in the result we born some interesting ideas, which we want to tell you about. We hope you would like it as we did. Ahem...
So the main idea of our conversation was a dungeon, but the flooded one with bigger rooms. They will be situated in some of the lakes. You can enter them only then sailing a boat. The floor will be replaced with water, but there still will be a small amount of sand or ruin turf islands, which can contain something ( for example sea shells  for sand and totems for ruin turf).  The dungeon can contain sea weed and some of the SW creatures. Crocodiles can replace scorpions and bats can be replaced with somekind of big mosquitos with sable like nose, which will deal damage to boat ( mosquitos + swordfish ).  Also you would likely to find drowned treasure chests, which can be obtained with a fishing rod. You can enconter a drain, which upon interacting with a gold pan will give you some gold dust ( rechargeable in 2 days ). Another thing is relics. Those ancient high priced treasures will trigger a trap upon their picking up. This trap will slowly flood the dungeon, so the player should leave it as fast as he can, or else he will be thrown away to the surface's coast with half of his stats ( possibly items ). Also there is an idea for a boss /miniboss  - Giant Crab ( you can make him a fusion of two creatures and a wordplay for his name, as you always do  *wink wink* ). It will appear sleeping in the ruins wall, but if you disturb him with loud noise ( explosion, earthquake ) crab will wake up and fight will begin. We didn't think much about attacks, but the simpliest things we thought about is giant claw attack, which summons waves all over the room or attack, when crab dives and creates whirlpool which attracts players boat, while crab trying to cut his boat with his heavy and slow claws. The drop can be a big amounth of crab meat and one of his claws, which can be used for somekind of recipe ( probably weapon ). The main trap in underwater dungeon is previously mentioned whirlpool, which uppon activation with a triggering object will strongly attract boat to it, while creating waves. If player riches the whirlpool, the animation will play and the screen will fade, but a seconds later player will appear in other room with his boat damaged on 35%. Also there may be some wild hunting sea weeds, which will try to rush your boat ( dealing small damage ) and pull boat to itself, so keeping the boat nearby, limiting the boats possible distance from it by circle trajectory and damaging your boat, so you should cut it with any weapon avaible. It's like mimic sea weed, cause player will think of foraging it as food or ingredient for antivenom ( please add the recipe for antivenom ), but will be captured in another tricky dungeons trap. Intrigued? Then we asking you to proceed further, because we have some more suggestions in our minds...  ( MUHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH, HAH.. HA... khah khah.... sorry, i.... khah khah.... choked a little... khah.... so embarassing.... )

And so, without further ado, we will come to suggestions about existing content of the game. The shops NEED to be updated with a special apparate, which upon a receiving an oinc will refresh items in the shop. Also there should be recipes for unused items, such as deerclops eyeball and walrus tusk, but they shouldn't be the same, oh no... we have an idea for eyeball. Concretely about the new Hamlet recipe - EYEBALL KITE. This item can be used for faster movement ( 10-20% ) + big sanity regain, but only usable in windy weather in hay fever season ( also Goose/Goose feathers should find a good use too, for example wind caller). The next idea - rework of Pugalisk. For new attacks: he creates a circle like area with contures of his body, keeping the player close, while his tail will attack protagonist from undergrond, while pugalisk will try to petrify his foe. After his killing, he will drop his heavy skeleton and break the floor and the player will fall into pugalish lair with boss loot , with stone doghouse and a bowl, which will contains petrified bones ( he half pug, you know ). So the protagonist should enter a short tunnel ( maybe with some loot! ), which will lead to the stair, which lead to the trapdoor, from which the pugalist once came from. Player will jump out of it and appear at surface ( man, how many times i said "which"...? ).  It would be wonderfull to make fountain's ground larger and  circle it with walls upon picking the magical water. The source of this idea came from the problem of picking up the flower and escaping pugalisk, which leads to illegal water obtaining and mass destruction on the pugalisks island because of pugalisk himself, that makes this awesome boss useless. Also please, do something with flying creatures activating traps... Thank you.

All of our suggestions came not from hate of this DLC, but love, whick causes as to make the game even better. We hope you will listen to our ideas and make game even more various about content. Thank you in advance. We love you, KLEI ENTERTAINMENT and we wish you luck with your projects! ( sorry for grammar mistakes, English is not our native language, so translating it was pretty complicated for me )
                                                                                                              SCIENCE and Nitronic

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