Disappearing perishable items in Hamlet

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spiffyzha    2

Several times now in recent games, I've left some eggs on the floor inside the slanty shanty and then gone out (waiting for them to rot so I can make dynamite out of them -- so I remember that I definitely put them there), the eggs are sometimes are just completely gone when I return.  No eggs left, and no rotton eggs in their place.  I've now noticed this happening with lightbulbs too. 

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Black_Mage    3

Yeah, for some reason, items that should change status according to time don't seem to work as they should when they are placed inside hamlet houses or any form of a world that differs from the one the player is located, like a cave or a temple. I have observed that, when anything rots while on a shelf, it will always turn into rot (even if its Eggs or Tea), and if left on the ground, they disappear the exact moment they rot if you leave the place and don't look at it rotting. that doesn't apply only to perishable food items, but anything that attempts to change its status (like a Thermal Stone Cooling down or Heating up) will disappear when changing its states out of the world where the player is currently located (that means these bugs will also happen with caverns and The Caves and when using world changing mechanics like the Seaworthy).


EDIT: just noticed that only happens to items that weren't supposed to change into "rot" from their previous state, thus making most food items safe for putting on the ground, though, Tea and eggs aren't safe from the existential crisis.

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