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Is it possible to create a third world?

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Norfeder    7

By third world I mean one extra world and server in addition to the forest and the cave. I want to add a new world to the game and that will make the server contains three maps. Just imagine if the cave world was a mod addition to the base game.

I know how to mod the world but I really have no clue with server stuffs. I want to know if anyone has done that before. If it is possible to set everything up with just an all-client mod, not needing to set up a dedicated server, please tell me how.

Many thanks

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Zarklord    683

to add onto that, if you use dedicated servers, you can launch as many shards(thats what each individual area is called by the game) so that you could have more worlds to do stuff with.
but the engine side isĀ hard-capped by two shards.

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