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Shipwrecked together

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NSAiswatchingus    2844
6 hours ago, Theif005 said:

I just wanna know that is there any chance that we can get don't starve shipwrecked together??


Thank you!

This question has been asked 1,000 times before, but has never gotten a positive response from the devs as far as I know. At this point we can file Shipwrecked Together in the "Not Gonna Happen" category. 

We should have some new content getting announced soon though! I feel like we'll see some interesting things this year. 

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Finx    88

We never got the Forge, Hamlet and buyable skin on console yet so don't expect a Shipwrecked Together any time soon. If they were actually planning to bring Shipwrecked you can be sure that they will prioritise PC and console would only get it 2 years later at best.

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