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Thomas Die

need help with custom creature

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Thomas Die    891

lately I've been toying around with making new creatures and i would like to know my just as a quick question what is a state graph and is it required to make a new creature

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IronHunter    582

To make a creature you need a prefab, brain and stategraph. Fortunately you can recycle existing brains and stategraphs if you don't mind your creature being essentially a clone of that mob.

Stategraphs: contain a bunch of data in terms of what animations and events its suppose to play during certain states: called either from the prefab doing a specific action or event happening.

E.g. if we're walking we'll do the walking state, if we're chopping we'll do the chopping states. An important thing to remember is some states pretty much lockout the ability to do certain actions such as attacking. Leaving the prefab vulnerable for a period of time. Or prevent rapid completion of actions. Essentially a cooldown.


Brains: are pretty much a list in descending order of priorities for the mob, with stuff at the top of list taking priority over stuff at the bottom.

If the conditions are met for the stuff at the top, it'll pretty much never do the tasks near the bottom of the list.

E.g. pigs panic prioritizes all other things on its list, so if he is panicing he won't even consider to do anything else.


It would be a good idea to start with a simple mob with simple SG and brain before eventually gravitating towards more complex ones like bosses.
As usual check the game files for examples, you can pretty much copy paste existing ones and rename them appropriately to get started.

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