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Pooping_Pete    44

When I tried to make a RoG world compatible with Hamlet (which is a bug I and many others have already addressed) the loading screen becomes regular Don't Starve instead of being the RoG loading screen (in case you forget, red is the normal Don't Starve color and purple is the color for RoG). Of course if it was just this, I'd practically be reposting the glitch about the RoG seasons and other elements missing. For some strange reason, even though the normal DS loading screen is taking place, it makes the sounds as if it was loading Hamlet, like when a spider pops up. Further more, when I make RoG compatible with Hamlet (or sometimes just do Hamlet), after I spawn in it keeps making the loading sound that Hamlet normally makes, and this time even louder and forever. The only way to fix this is by quitting and coming back. Thankfully it only happens sometimes, and only when it makes Hamlet loading screen noises does it ever have a chance of happening. 

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