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This My First Challenge I made I Hope You Like It.


Three Duplicants Awake In a Maze but They don't Know How to Survive. Help Them To Live.


Debug mode Is not allowed.

- You Have to Reach The Last Level To win but you can continue After Winning.

- To Reach another level You Have to Sneak from the Edge.

In The Map You Have:

- 20 Level

If There Is Any Problems or Issues In the Map Let me know Please. Thank you

 Save File: Idyllic System.sav

Place the save file in C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\save_files

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zergologist    545

I'll check it out

I'll see if its any good

What i suggest:

Better duplicant choice (No flatulents)

All around the first/starting cube being open on two sides

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Rogue Witch    36

Some suggestions on first view:

1. The starting area is overly pressurized to over 1000 kg per tile. Goodness gracious, the normal breathing gas pressure is around 2 kg per tile. That leads to popped eardrums for eternity.

2. A maze needs to have multiple pathways, some may end in a close or have no useful resources or have some hazards. Keeping only a single pathway isn't so Maze-y.

3. I didnt remove Fog of war to ruin the map for myself, so I dont know if there are any Nat Gas geysers on the map. But still the 900 kg pressurized tank in the starting area is a huge power source. Might want to reduce it to make it more challenging.

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