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[Hamlet] Walani can't craft her surfboard

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JJ0264    125

[hamlet] Wilson stats: 150 H, 200 S, 150 Hp

+ perk: every 16 days gets 2 meat-effigy's, plus 1 black turf (same as snakeskin rug)

[hamlet] Walani stats: 200 H, 200 S, 120 Hp

+ perk: 1 surfboard (can't be crafted in hamlet unless connecting worlds), 20% dryness, 0.9% sanity aura

- perk: 10% more hunger

In Hamlet (as of now), Walani's perks just doesn't compare, although she slightly more interesting at the beginning than Wilson, but in the long run Walani has 2 sub-par upsides whereas Wilson has good upside that remains useful throughout majority of the game.

ideas: Maybe Walani should craft more surfboards though oddity shop, lake biomes could have short-cuts to other biomes/islands, you'll need a sailing speed of 6.5 or more to pass currents (It'll be limited to Walani early-game, but later others can pass too)

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