Can't create Rein of Giants world...

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Whenever I try to create a RoG world, it puts me in a basic DS world. I've tried everything, each option including reinstalling and only activating certain DLCs. When in the game select option though it will say RoG next to the world ive created, but when i click on it it only shows the basic DS. At this point, I don't know what to do. I'll link a few threads with the same problems. I've read through these threads and there are no confirmed solutions.

EDIT: Theres actually about 4-5 threads about this just on the first page of this subforum for bugs. So, I won't link them all. But one of them wasn't even replied to. I'm hoping we can get a solution here as many people are having this problem.

EDIT 2: With only Hamlet and RoG DLC enabled it does render a RoG world only if I do not connect it to Hamlet DLC. But the same visual error as below occurs. With only RoG DLC enabled the world renders RoG but the same visual error below as well. I can screenshot if necessary.




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