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Philsam    213

The mandrakes are cute, and are unfortunately murdered by the player, for a flute and to be cooked. In Hamlet, we have Elder Mandrake, which is therefore a bigger version of the mandrake, it necessarily means that the elder mandrakes have sprouted into the ground like the little mandrakes, and are perhaps adults because they have come out of the ground a special seed must grow the small mandrakes (babies), and those who grow them are the elder mandrakes.

I think there are other variants of mandrakes, first one that is passive, then the other that is neutral and perhaps another hostile.
Imagine a boss of a variant of mandrakes * - *


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minespatch    43,287

Well... I just feel the Elder Mandrake fits the same role as the pig king.I haven't seen a pig boss yet except for what we've seen in the Forge.

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