RoG Seasons Do Not Work

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Whenever I try and make a Reign of Giants world compatible with Hamlet or Shipwrecked, it always becomes regular Don't Starve seasons instead of the usual four. I thought it was maybe just my UI mods, but after disabling them, there was still only Autumn and Winter. RoG works completely fine when I don't add any other DLC, but then again, I would much rather have both RoG and Hamlet instead of just one or the other.

Oddly enough, all of the RoG crafting items (such as the endothermic campfire) are still in the game, and using console commands does not work either. In fact, the only RoG things that are here are the crafting items. None of the world biomes or enemies are here. You can still spawn those in (like you can still spawn in Goose Goose even though there is no spring) but if you wanted to play a legit play through, this does not work. However, if I start the world in Shipwrecked or in Hamlet, RoG is perfectly normal. It only happens when I start the world in RoG, like if I make it compatible with other DLC.

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