Putting on Hamlet or SW compatibility on RoG makes a normal ‘DS’ world, without RoG

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DatShadowJK    2,018

Try it yourself

1.Go to create world

2. Press RoG

3. Turn on Hamlet or SW compatibilty

4. Generate World

5. No RoG

When I try do RoG on its own without turning on compatibility it wont have access to the Skyworthy/Seaworthy

h e l p

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Sliverwyrm    2

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. i checked the local files through steam. i even went as far as buying hamlet before i had intended to. still same bug. hopefully some one will take notice and a fix will be made. one can only hope, right?


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Miktoas    12
Posted (edited)

oh im not the only one.. i also have this bug. i noticed this bug when i activated RoG + shipwrecked and (thanks to a mod) i saw that i only had 2 seasons: autumn and winter.

this bug is only related to the steam version.

i tried the same with the humble (drm-free) version of dont starve and created a world with RoG + shipwrecked compatbility and set up summer as starting seasons. result was fine, it was summer and i overheated in 20 seconds.

doing the same with the steam version (with summer as starting seasons, too, to check if it only was display bug) no overheating happened. so yeah, it really turned into DS vanilla and not RoG.

EDIT: well i did a more accurate test now. i just used the command console to reveal the maps. RoG + SW/Hamlet compatibility turns into DS Vanilla NON-RoG. there is no oasis desert, dragonfly desert etc etc to seen on map. steam version is bugged. if you ask me, thats a serious bug because the game itself always asks you if you want to make your world compatible with an DLC whenever you start a new world, so i assume it is intendet and recommended  for a new world to be compatible with another dlcs to make it more fun with the possibility to switch between different DLC-worlds. but yeah, unfortunately, RoG + compatiblity is not working and thats sad.

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Miktoas    12

the bug seems to be gone! its working for me now :)

but i didnt have any update notification on steam so I wonder when an update was installed for me :o

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