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Rainforest turf has too many green plants that prevent planting nettles


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You can only plan nettles in rainforest, but rainforests are infested by veins that drop from the ceiling to provide ropes and hit players(fine), Great Leafy Stalk that does nothing but block player and vision (fine), veins that half drop from ceiling to drop vision (fine), and way too many green plants on the ground that the player can *in no way interact with* (not cool!). There green plants however, have huge radii that prevent anything to be planted nearby. Since you can only grow nettles predictably close to water, this severely restricts where you can plant them. 

Possible solutions:

1. Get rid of the green plants from the game or just make them purely visual;

2. Make them removable by burning or digging;

3. Make nettles grow throughout the humid season even without rains. Currently their target moisture and current moisture *BOTH* grows during a rain, but once the rain stops, their current moisture *IMMEDIATELY* resets to 0, rather than slowly decay to 0. This broken behavior forces players to rely on sprinkler.

4. Just fix your game, Klei.



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