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[Gameplay] Can't use menu after activating wood thing

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Can't use menu after activating wood thing

Steps to reproduce

1. Get a giant tree monster to chase you.

2. Put in last piece of the wooden ring thing.

3. Activate wood thing

4. Continue to run while the ring thing is activating

Describe your issue

I wanted to collect a bit more wood before going to the next world, so I cut down a tree and a giant tree began attacking me. It was near me for the wooden device so it kept swinging and attacking me while I put in my last piece (the music box) and when I used it to escape. Since I didn't want to die I was moving the entire time, and when the shadow arms grabbed me it moved me across the ground and away from the ring thing. The menu came up (to continue or go to the main menu) but I wasn't able to press any buttons. In the end I had to exit out the game to get it to stop. The game still saved (I'm now in 3-1 without an issue). This was done in the adventure mode.

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  • Developer

We've got another issue where the menu doesn't function sometimes when people die, which this might be related to.I'll look into this and see if I can track it down.I'm glad to hear you didn't lose your save and were able to continue though. :)

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