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Hi guys, I noticed a really weird bug today.

I was playing with Webber in a Reign of giants world, I made the seaworther and at the end of spring I travelled to Shipwrecked to pass summer there. After dry/summer I got back day 74 at the start of mild/autumn season (my seasons were aligned). I died really stupidly so I closed the game (I know it's a bit of a cheat but it was a really stupid death ^^).

.When I got back I was back to spring at day 54, the food fresh again, but when I paused the game says 73 days. And it only did for my reign of giants file. I verified and my Shipwrecked world is still in mlild season at day 74. It is really weird



Normally closing the game works but I did just after the lightning of the touchstone happenned so maybe that's why. Can we do something to go back to day 74 ?

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