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[Crash] Frequent Night Crashes - unknown cause


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Frequent Night Crashes - unknown cause

Steps to reproduce

- walk around at night
- forest fires
- Willow's fire

Describe your issue

I am playing as Willow in the Sandbox mode of the game, and I'm on day 34. Around day 30, the game started frequently (2-3x/5min) crashing at night. Particular triggers seem to be Willow's fire, a spreading forest fire/lots of trees on fire, and the transition into night. The game does stutter/slow down at daybreak (also since day 30), but that hasn't caused the crash. I don't think it crashes if I use a campfire or a torch, only the "spontaneous" fires.

Since I am playing through Steam, the only error message I get is that the application has stopped working, and Windows is looking for a solution.

This may/may not be related to this bug. If it is, sorry for the repost! :)

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  • Developer

When it crashes, can you please post the results of the "log.txt" file at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\bin"?It will hopefully give us some insight as to what is causing the issue.May I also ask what your system specs are?Thanks!

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