Most of yall probably know the deal by now. Something new is coming=thread where we share our ideas about it. JoeW said that Year of the pig will be added as a permanent content so I'd doubt it's going to be like year of the gobbler and varg with, you know, shrines and things like that. -Pigs Ai will be buffed so now pig farms will be a little bit harder to make. For example pigs will jump/climb past fences to get whatever is behind them etc -Pigs will be able to harvest resources and store them in thier own inventory. For example grass, twiggs berries. Also pick up some items like flint, logs etc -Pigs will be able to craft themselves items with these resources. Spears, armor, tools.  -Pig society will now actually be a real danger to the players. Pigs will use axes to chop down nearby trees, pickaxes to mine nearby rocks etc. They'd year by year upgrade their sociaty. -Possible more diversity in pigs. DIfferent skin tones, body/face hair. Some uniqe quotes.