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Max health error in hamlet(after merging)

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malgom    0

After I merged my hamlet data with two data(sw and rog).

There was only one meat effigy on shipwrecked data. So wolfgang's max health should be 270.

But It was 240 when I merged them.

I used seaworthy and skyworthy a lot... then my max health is now 210

How can I fix this error?

I tried command "GetPlayer() ", but it doesn't work at all.

Oddly, hunger command worked well.


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Huitzil-78    0

Same thing happened to me with WX-78 but I have no meat effigy, only a touch stone in ROG and one in SW, max health was 400, is now at 370 and gears won't increase health any further, this happened after merging ROG SW and Hamlet together

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