This is my last base and it's almost point symmetrical. Inspiration by @Lifegrow  Some general data: Fatalistic Miserable 1455 cycles or 112 hours 8.5 Millions of food 16 dupes  Main Power: Solar. Main backup system: Natural gas. Hydrogen, coal backups for different section if main power and backup fails  Ranching: hatches, dreckos, gassy Moo's, shove vole, fishes and pufts Food: Mushrooms, Barbeque, pepper bread and omelettes Balm lily spam for medicine Geysirs: 3 chlorine, 2 copper, 1 minor volcano, 1 volcano, 2 cold steam, 1 hot polluted oxygen, 1 natural gas,  Can someone spot the teddy bear? Its always a joy looking at it when im high. Spotting everytime something different. Overlays for the eyes: Oxygen Power Liquid Pipes Gas Pipes Heat Happiness Ice Cold industry section My little corner of shame Fishies!!  Rocket silo Its really nothing special or complex, everything is somewhere in the forum. I think the most interesting thing is this section: It cooled down more than i wanted after solar energy as main power was implemented, but before that it was bascially cooling the whole power section to a blue color and outside it stabilized to a nice green color (similar to the power grid below) Thanks Klei for making such a great game and to all people who inspired me for different builds! Save file BaseQoL.sav I hope you guys like it. If you have any questions, improvements, critics or whatever feel free!