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[Exploit] Instant Character Unlock


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Instant Character Unlock

Steps to reproduce

Have everyone but Wes unlocked
Die on day one
Wes might be unlocked without needing the exp.

Describe your issue

So, after the Insanity update, I tried to get Wes. I died on day one due to a silly mistake, but Wes was unlocked instantly! It considered that I had already unlocked him, it said I was already at cap. I checked my characters, and there was Wes. I think when it updated, it for some reason said I had already unlocked him. Is this a bug, or am I crazy?

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  • Developer

Yeah, I'm thinking this is related to us not moving the XP cap throughout the last few updates, but changing the XP requirements for unlocks.I've talked with the designers about raising the cap, which should hopefully address this issue.Thanks!

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