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[MOD] Special Wigfrid [3 in 1]

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dahl    44

Hello everyone!
I'm happy to present my new mod here.

Have you ever wondered why Wigfrid called the Performance Artist while she can only perform single role?

Now you can change her identities just by swapping her hats!
Currently, this mod supports three possible ways for Wigfrid to perform. I've tried to make it interesting to play changing the roles and keep the balance.

No hat

  • Health: 170
  • Hunger: 130
  • Sanity: 130
  • Hunger rate: Wilson
  • At 10% stronger than Wilson and takes 5% less damage
  • Life is not so tasty for her if she doesn't play a role (-2 hunger while eating without hats or +2 to hunger and sanity with them)

Battle Helm

Wigfrid start to perform the Valkyrie play:

  • Health: 200
  • Hunger: 130
  • Sanity: 130
  • Hunger rate: Wilson * 1.25
  • Can eat only meat at this performance.
  • Get additional 5% to attack power and 10% to damage absorbtion.
  • When Wigfrid is attacking someone she get additional attack damage and damage absorbtion compared to her current health, but remember that if you will get away from path of Allfather Odin by wearing additional armor your damage increase will be halfed and absorbtion won't change at all. Maximum (corresponding to settings) will be reached at 20 hp.
  • If Wigfrid will face EPIC mob, she will get more heath and sanity points per hit (up to 1).
  • But be afraid of crowds! 4 or more enemies can make her to lose focus and even reset all buffs!
  • She also taunts enemies nearby.


Wigfrid start to perform the Volva play:

  • Health: 140
  • Hunger: 130
  • Sanity: 130
  • Hunger rate: Wilson * 0.75
  • Can eat only veggies at this performance.
  • Does not scare neutral animals at all (but they all will run away if you kill one nearby anyway)
  • Reflects 50% of taken damage every 3 seconds but not more than 100.
  • If Wigfrid get hit by an enemy, she will make them to lose interest in her and near players. It makes easier to run away from hostile creatures, neutral ones will lose interest in a single hit. 
  • No arm can go up on her with garland.

I would be happy to read your feedback anywhere, guys.

Edited by dahl

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