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Mark of the Ninja: Remastered (Switch Update - 1.0.2)

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Switch Update: 1.0.2 - 12/12/2018

- Bug-fix "Removed ninja arm tattoos in level 1-2_end and level 1-2_mid_B cutscenes for consistency"
- Bug-fix: "Removed sword from Path of Silence and Path of Wisdom images."
- Bug-fix: "Changed loading screen 1_3 to not have arm tattoos"
- Bug-fix: "Dosan expansion label was not showing up for some languages."
- Bug-fix: "Light overlay texture fixed which was causing light beams to be darker than they should be. Also fixes lightning in Hessian Castle levels."
- Bug-fix: "Fix for commentary strings being cut off"


Switch Update: 1.0.1 - 09/23/2018

- Added Korean and Simplified Chinese
- Updated ESRB rating from "Teen" to "M"
- Bug-fix "AI respawns in looking animation if user hides in dumpster where AI body is already hidden."
- Bug-fix "Player can break collision on walls by jumping+kicking at the same time"
- Bug-fix "Player able to bypass certain laser traps in the challenge room located in the "A Change in Course" level"
- Bug-fix "User character does not get killed upon landing on thorns in Challenge Room of the level 'An Ancestral Home'"
- Bug-fix "Show checkpoints on the map for seal progression objectives after they have been achieved"
- Bug-fix "Fixed a framerate issue when switching between docked and undocked"
- Bug-fix "Unlocked techniques persist on Restart Checkpoint"
- Bug-fix "Numerous fixes for the text getting cut off because of lengthy translations"
- Bug-fix "Enemies are no longer able to shoot the player through the wall in level 'The Trail of Shadow'"
- Bug-fix "Smoke bombs fail to block laser tripwires when the player uses them during 'Rooftop' in level 'A Change of Course'."

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