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All of the hamlet bugs i've found today


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Alright, So i let me just start this off by saying this was all one world, on the newest update, newest version.

The pictures aren't in order either but ill explain how Roc is messed up to me.

So he spawned on day 19 and i was like, alright, let's just get this over with. he swallowed me, i got two royal scepters, i was happy. that means i don't have to fight the horrible ant queen. So i almost died of hunger but i got out alive, then i went to the palace and on my way found those 2 regular ruins together. now let me tell you that hay season is the worst season in all of don't starve. dry season doesn't compare to this. i was insane all the way until i got the tam from the palace. then on my way home i found the first pig guard in the wall, went home, and found the second. Now, i went outside and roc spawned. AGAIN. and the jungle was far away so i just thought: "well ill go back into my house then" then he started to land. so i heard the landing destroy alot, so i went back outside to see if he was going to eat me, and i was out in the middle of the ocean. i used a speed command to get back onto land, and then while i set my speed back to the regular speed, it crashed the game. 

I don't have a log but im going to send one when my computer boots up don't starve again. it takes so much cpu and memory to boot don't starve.

Please either nerf hay fever or give us some other options to combat it. The gas mask is too weak now, it makes you more insane than sneezing does. so its really a useless item other than to get into the poisonous jungle biomes.

I know this sounds like a complaint and i feel bad having to, and i love you developers at klei and i hope you know we are trying to help you out. 


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