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Sir Squidington

Fire provides reduced temperature

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Category: Gameplay

Platform: Steam (Windows)

Mods?: No

Version Number: 298833

Steps to reproduce: Specifics unknown. Light object/create fire pit or campfire/fuel fire pit or campfire, observe thermal stone temperature and character animations to determine temperature (ie idle or idle shiver)

Issue: Fire sources (whether it be burning trees or player-constructed fires) do not provide heat in their proper radius. The radius is much smaller and the heat is much lower. This only affects a single SW compatible RoG world, and I have been unable to recreate it in other SW compatible RoG worlds or standard RoG worlds. It should also be noted that another irreproducible bug is present in the form of birds dropping seeds in winter. In the images below, console commands were used to create the fire pit and thermals stones used.

The first picture is the affected world.

low heat radius.jpg

The second picture is a non-shipwrecked-compatible RoG world used for reference.

standard heat radius (Control).jpg

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