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[MOD] Wonderful Morning Star

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dahl    44

Hello everyone!
I've published my first mod here: Link


  • Can now be refueled by Transistors or by attacking charged Lightning Goat
  • Can now be turned on/off even on ground
  • If you throw Morning Star away it will be turned on and give you light in your darkest hour. Turn it off to pick up Morning Star again.
  • Can now catch the lightnings like the lightning rod and if you are lucky enough you will get large empowerment for a few minutes

Every transistor refuel your Morning Star +18% of durability per use and turns it on.
If you leave Morning Star on the ground it might catch the lightning and become Charged for 6 minutes with increased damage.
It is 25% chance that your Morning Star disappear after receiving the lightning strike. Too much energy.
To make it easier to unequip it's only possible to change the state of the item only after half of a second since the last change.

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