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Mr.Mulk    694

Hello All,

It just occured to me I've never posted the link here to Don't Starve/Together, which is the closest thing to an official discord server the game has featuring:

- 4000+ members and currently growing

- actual game developers on the server

- associated with the wikia and subreddit

- unique community partners linked to our server

- hosts events regularly for users to partake in

If you're looking to find others in the community, talk about the games, or just hang out, it's the perfect place to do so! Anyone is welcome to join.


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Mr.Mulk    694
2 minutes ago, JohnWatson said:

type "~payday" in the #bot-channel to be given permission to speak

What my good pal John Watson of the Klei Entertainment Forums here meant was type /rank Starving in #bot-channel to join 




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