Nikola's Journal ("Data Log A")

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MF99K    1,990

Cycle 110:

I convinced Eya to come with me for the meeting as Ellie had requested. Warper was nowhere to be found, which I decided was likely for the best (or perhaps worse) as Warper would likely object to me bringing Eya back into the colony.

Somewhat as I had expected, when I arrived, the mess hall was filled with what must have been the majority of the colony members, if not all of them. Some were eating, others were muttering amongst themselves as Ellie looked around with a somewhat smug expression. As she spotted Eya and I enter the room, her eyes narrowed and the murmur in the room quieted. 


Ellie: You guys showed up after all. Was beginning to think you were too chicken cause you knew everyone was gonna be mad at you for being evil. Cause I mean, you basically have a duplicant-eating monster as your pet, you befriended like this huge, crazy-looking giant who kidnapped my friend, and then helped said giant trick the colony into building a prison for my friend after you kidnapped her.

Nikola: For the record, I did not take any part in imprisoning Nisbet or helping construct the room she was kept in.

Ellie: But you admit to everything else then? 

Eya: (muttering) I'm not a pet...

Ellie: (gesturing to the room) Y'see? People not believing what I said about what Nisbet said. When have I ever lied to you?

Liam: Kinda a lot...

Hassan: Ok, but what if they're both lying? What if this is some weird conspiracy, hoax, whatever to hide what really happened to the binge eaters who went missing? I mean, Nisbet said Eya ate Bubbles, but Bubbles is still clearly sitting with us at this table so-

Banhi: We had to reprint her!

Hassan: Ok, so then if Eya really did eat people, why? And I wanna hear from Eya on this because she can clearly talk even though some people (glaring at Ellie) keep talking about her like she can't hear them.

Eya: I didn't want to. Nisbet made me. She locked us all in a room and didn't feed us anything and then I blacked out and then there were fewer people in the room and I wasn't hungry anymore...

Hassan: So Nisbet forced you to eat people then...?

Ellie: nno! Nisbet put Eya and all the other binge-eaters together because the colony was low on food and we were all gonna starve if the Binge eaters had access to the food. How was she supposed to know Eya was being controlled by a cannibalistic worm?

Nikola: She did not initially realize the threat Eya posed to the other duplicants, but she was very well aware of it in time that she could have saved Ashkan and Bubbles had she chosen to. Instead, she chose to keep them imprisoned, and attempted to imprison me as well once I started asking questions.

Ellie: What, are you trying to say that Nisbet was using Eya to off people?

Hassan: Didn't she explicitly threaten colonists with being forced to spend time with Eya after announcing that Eya ate people? Ellie, I get that she's your friend and all, but Nisbet kinda seems responsible for some bad things based on what people are saying.

Ellie: Well, maybe it looks bad, but... this isn't just about what Nisbet may or may not have done or whether she was nice about it! She thought it would help the colony overall, even if things or people had to be sacrificed to protect the rest of us. We're basically stuck in a set of small rooms, with limited food and oxygen, surrounded by weird giant creatures that can kidnap, poison, and potentially eat us, and we already have creatures closer to our size that will definitely eat us. And whatever's inside Eya is very much dangerous to be anywhere near, even if people avoiding her "hurts her feelings."

Joshua: But... she's not gonna, like, eat anyone right now, right?

Nikola: We have safety precautions in place. Plus, you're on the complete opposite side of the room whereas I would be the first to know if anything went wrong. As long as all safety protocols are followed, there should be no danger to anyone in her vicinity.

Hassan: And what exactly are these protocols?

Nikola: Eya is currently wearing a snare-like device that prevents objects above a certain size from being consumed. It has been tested and it does indeed work.

Eya: It's not very comfortable, but I can go to a safe location to remove it temporarily when no one's around so there wouldn't be a danger.

Hassan: Do you have control over it though? It doesn't seem like you're, er, eating them on purpose, right?

Eya: Of course not!

Nikola: The internal anatomy of how her duplicant and worm halves are connected prevents her from staying conscious if the worm is active.

Ellie: Show of hands, who's willing to let the person who "accidentally" ate people back into the colony?

(several duplicants raise their hands, most of the others squirm in their seats uncomfortably)

Ellie: And who's willing to be her roommate?

(all of the hands go down)

Nikola: No one ever said she was coming back into the colony. I simply brought her with me because you asked me to. What exactly is the purpose of this meeting other than to catch the rest of the colony up on what's been happening?

Ellie: I don't know. Nisbet just said I should convince you to bring Eya to the colony today temporarily, and when you came to me asking questions I was like, "hey, let's just get everyone involved so we can get some conversations going."

Nikola: So, this was Nisbet's idea. The same Nisbet, mind you, who is indirectly responsible and unremorseful for the deaths of multiple colony members.

(Ellie scoffs, duplicants start to murmer)

Eya: (muttering) Maybe we should go.

Nikola: We can't just leave in the middle like-

Banhi: You guys should go if you're worried about something. I know enough about what's been happening that I can fill everything else in.

(Nikola glances between Ellie, Eya, Banhi and the crowd before sighing)

Nikola: Ok

The meeting was rather unhelpful, especially as it seemed to have developed from Nisbet's interest in distracting us and Ellie's interest in causing drama. The colonists at least have a slightly better idea of what's going on, and people seem slightly less worried about Eya and I, but my thoughts are too focused on what Nisbet may be up to to think about how Banhi will be able to explain the rest and how this will pan out for the colony later.

As we approached the entrance to Warper's desk, we could hear Warper rummaging about the room. She was making vocalizations, and though she was her fully-sized self, I could understand enough to tell that she was worried about something. As soon as she saw us, her tone and volume changed to some mixture of frustration and relief, though with still a hint of panic. Eya and I had to cover our ears as her volume increased, and finally she had calmed herself down enough that she got us to come towards the translation device so that she could talk with us. She was worried that Eya had been missing and mad that I had brought her with me without telling her, but what was still bothering her was that in our absence, the 3DOP duplicator had vanished. Warper was blaming herself for possibly misplacing it, or maybe her friend had borrowed it, but I think deep down all of us had a pretty good idea who was behind its disappearance.


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Xenologist    1,081
Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, MF99K said:

I think deep down all of us had a pretty good idea who was behind its disappearance.


Would happen, as dupes are able to lift objects over, oh, I don't know, probably over 30 60 times their weight with enough training

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minespatch    56,971

So... What made you decide to chose Nisbet for the antagonist role for your story?

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MF99K    1,990
7 hours ago, minespatch said:

So... What made you decide to chose Nisbet for the antagonist role for your story?

I'm not sure exactly but I think it was partially that her description says that a lot of other dupes are afraid of her and I figured whether or not she's aware of that it puts her in a good position for her to do whatever she thinks is best without too many people trying to stop her.

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MF99K    1,990

i've been having writers block n stuff so instead of plot progression heres a weird creepy picture of eya i drew a while ago





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MF99K    1,990

Cycle 115: 

It's been a few days since Warper's printing pod went missing, with no form of evidence as to its location. Warper's friend (who i believe is named Lambert, though I've never actually met him) hadn't done anything with it, and said he could try making another one when he had the time and resources, but that that probably wouldn't happen for a while. There's been no sign of Nisbet either, though I suspect that is for the best for now.

Cycle 117:

I saw an unusual looking device on Warper's desk today that i at first thought was perhaps a new version of the bioprinter, but when I asked, Warper explained that the device was a bootlegged teleporter she had to confiscate from a pair of students. I wanted to ask more about what this place was and what extended beyond this room, and what her involvement was with these "students," but I figured that would be a line of questioning for another time. The teleporter was much too small to teleport anything Warper's size, and seemed to be designed for moving items, but it would certainly fit anyone my size, though I suspected that trying to use it for travel would be a bad idea.

I hadn't really checked on Eya since the colony meeting, which i now realize was a bad idea, as when I checked on her today, she seemed incredibly lethargic and hardly moved when I came up to her. I asked her to describe her symptoms, and she explained that she didn't really feel sick or unwell, just incredibly sleepy and a bit stiff, especially her worm half. She said she had a decreased appetite as well, but she attributed this to the fact that she had eaten a ton of Warper's snacks in the days prior, and her stomach probably just needed time to recover. I'm a bit concerned about this change in appetite, but as long as she wears the snare and no one's around too much, everything should be fine if the worm does become active.


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