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[Graphics] Game starts, weird graphic bug?


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Game starts, weird graphic bug?

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I opened up the game on steam. That's pretty much it.

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I open up the game, and it starts up OK, but when it gets to the main title screen the graphics are all messed up - like it takes the last screenshot of the last program I had running and scrambles it (Tried to put an attachment showing this, but couldn't?)
Sound still plays, so I don't think it's freezing up or something...
Also, if you are wondering why I didn't put in a current game version, I kinda can't...? I believe it's the latest one, though... If there's another way of figuring it out without pressing backspace in game, could you also tell me that?
I've tried downloading and re running the Direct-X installer like it was instructed in the game troubleshooting guide you have here, but it doesn't seem to have fixed anything.
Help would be appreciated. I would love to play this awesome game ^_^

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Hi,I am having the exact same issue, I start up the game, and the main screen of what would be the game shows a collage of what ever screens would be in the background all scrambled.I have had the game for quite a while and played it with no issues at that time. Now a few updates have come out I'm ready to give it another shot but am experiencing this problem.System requirements are fine, graphics card is 2048MB GeForce 660. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling from steam, checked integrity of files, reinstalled direct X as 'GhostyGhost' suggests and all graphics card drivers are up to date.Was there a solution to this issue?

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OK so the work around was to open up the Don't starve local folder and edit the system configuration file, change to 'full screen = false'.Playing in windowed mode works fine, even full screen windowed mode is OK but as soon as the configuration file is put back to 'full screen = true' I get the same graphical glitch.

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