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So this is literally my very first character mod and I must say I'm quite proud it now! After hours and hours of working with it, the darn thing still continues to make a mockery of me however, I have enough now that I can confidently release him to you people!

I would like to issue a thank you to Nightdweller (he's here around the forums someplace) He has been a tremendous help to me and honestly I couldn't have done this without him. He was the only one brave enough to help me and for that I thank him UvU

This mod isn't as beta'd as when I started. He still has some bugs and major glitches but I wanted a little feedback on how I was doing?

Base Stats Permanently




Willowson does not overheat easily however he does freeze/ get cold a lot faster then other characters.

It crashes a lot less now but still some (especially when running Reign of Giants)

Hopes for Version 4.0

  • Finish selectscreen picture(Im done just need to color it >.>)
  • Get that darn rain hurt prefab to work
  • Try to get him compatible with Don't Starve Together!!!

What's New in Version 3.5   See changelog


  • Major fixes in prefab. Still no rain damage though -_-

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