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Zim is a member of the alien Irken race, and a former Irken Invader. You can read all of his backround here: http://zim.wikia.com/wiki/Zim.

Thanks to Jhonen Vasquez for creating Invader Zim.

Thanks to kdaesung, who made this mod for vanilla don't starve.

Thanks to Dryicefox, cause i used coraline as template for zim.

Thanks to Dleowulf, for his extended sample character.


Hunger: 160

Health: 150

Sanity: 40


- comes with his Irken PAK (costum backpack)

Irken PAK Perks:

- increased walking speed

- can go into inventory

- high sanity regeneration


-gets damaged by rain

If the game crashes when you try to select Zim you have to disable small textures in the options.

What's New in Version 1.07   See changelog


  • - fixed some bugs

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which error your friend reported, just in case so we can know if it happens the same?


Every time he gets the pak in his invetory, the game crashes and he gets an error. First it was something about inventory images and secound time something about widgets that can't be load. But since it workes fine for u guys, i think he is just total inkompetent.

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it doesn't show him in the character list after I enable the mod, even after restarting the game..and in the mods menu it says it crashed...so...I don't know, maybe your friend isn't that much of an incompetent, :grin:.

- Edited: Nvm, I am the incompetent, i didn't read DST, I'm using RoG

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Will you be planning on working on more characters in the future from Jhonen Vasques, Like Johnny and Squee? I just love his characters, but it's not much of a request, but just a question. I do appreciate the work and effort put into Gir and Zim as it is.

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@Purswader Alright, thanks again for answering my questions on both of your mods. I appreciate and respect the work that you've done on them man. Can't wait until you're all done, ^ ^

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